Resources on Terminator Technology
To learn more about Terminator and international farmer protest,
we encourage you to visit

To learn more about the Canadian and the International campaigns to ban Terminator technology, we encourage you to contact the following organizations:

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Inter Pares

National Farmers Union

Resources on the Right to Food
Food First: See especially Food First’s 4-page backgrounder 12 Myths about Hunger as well as their book – World Hunger: 12 Myths by Frances Moore Lappe, Joseph Collins & Peter Rosset (2006).

Canadian Council for International Co-operation: Click on ‘Campaigns’ and ‘Canadian Food Security Policy Group’.

FIAN International, Defending the Right to Food Worldwide:, provides information on campaigns around the world to achieve the right to food.

Rights & On the ‘search’ tab, enter ‘food’ to see publications, etc on the right to food.

Resources on Water



The Council of Canadians

Polaris Institute


Sierra Club


The Tyee

Great Lakes Directory



Public Citizen

The Sierra Club



Water Justice

Food and Water Watch